About Comffy

Comffy hair and beauty is the only hairdressing salon in the south of Sweden that in a professional manner perform hairdressing on all types of hair. We do all sorts of braids, dreadlocks, hair extensions (connect or weavon), straightening permanent etc, irrespective of where you come from. We’re an established salon that has been located at Södra Förstadsgatan 59 in Malmö since 1998. Our unique skills is best described through the fact that our services has been required at many fashion- and hair shows through the years and that we work with actors and musical performers from e.g. Malmö stadsteater and theatres in Copenhagen. Comffy Hair and Beauty has a unique hair- and skin products that are imported from all continents to give you, as a customer, the absolute right product, where ever you are from. Our ambition is for you to find what you are looking for. A big section of our product range consists of hair for different kinds of hair extensions and wigs. We often go on trips to USA, England, France and Belgium to make our purchases for the salon, this gives you, as a customer the assurance of getting the latest from the market. Comffy, who runs the salon, has 30 years of experience of the profession with diploma from Morris “Master Class” Hairdressing School in London. Comffy has worked as a hair dresser in Lagos as well as in London, and has run her own salon in Lagos amongst others. You are very welcome to drop by and discuss your problems or desires with us . For more information please contact us